About Debra

I’m excited to tell you I have been doing needlework since I was in Brownies!!  I feel centered whenever I’m holding a needle, a hook, a pencil… anything that can translate the things in my head and my heart to stitching or drawing on fabric.  Although it doesn’t always look like how I imagined, I’m rarely disappointed and usually go with something that closely resembles my first sketch.

I launched my pattern company Handmaiden Designs in 1997.  My needlework journey has taken me from embroidery to needlepoint, cross stitch, quilting, punch needle, rug hooking and now dyeing my own wool for hooking and applique.  I hand draw all of my punch needle and rug canvases.

I couldn’t tell you which of those I love best…

I think it’s the sharing part of it.  It brings me in touch with amazing creative women and men.  To me, teaching someone what I love so much is pure joy.  I am so blessed to be able to share this needlework journey with others and see that they love it as much as I do.

I am a proud Air Force wife and that’s the reason so many of my patterns have flags in them.  We’ve been living in the Washington DC area since 2000 and although we enjoy the 4 seasons here, Texas will always be home.  We are blessed with three daughters and are up to 10 grandchildren.  They all keep me pretty busy…

I hope you will visit this site often and find joy here with me.

Blessings to all,


If you have any questions about my designs, patterns or anything offered here on my site, please feel free to email me at  debra@handmaidendesigns.com